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The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 

Child Development Center was a great success,

with community supporters, generations of teachers,

families and friends enjoying the afternoon and greeting

old friends, meeting new friends, and reminiscing.

What a tribute to all those involved!!


Group of several people who have taught at

the Child Development Center over the 50 years

of its existence in Isabella County.

Without the support of the many, many volunteers who donated thousands of hours of their time to running the Thrift Shop, the school would not have been possible.

When you come in to check out our store at our new location

please be sure to thank the volunteers who assist you!!


Current Director and Lead Teacher of the School,

Joyce Neyer, cutting the wonderful cake From Robaire's.

The selection of ice cream flavors and sundae toppings

from Doozie's was a treat for everyone too!!

Above is Hall Crawley, longtime contributor of books and stories

to the ICDC preschoolers, and also designer and support

for the ICDC school and thrift shop websites.


Woman in the center wearing the coat is Judy,

teacher of the very first class at ICDC 50 years ago.

How wonderful that she was able to attend the celebration

and share some of her stories of the children and school!!

Gentleman on the left is Tom Moffit, who has contributed

countless hours over the years as Director, decision maker,

bookkeeper and all-around supporter of the Thrift Shop.

Thanks to all the many supporters, teachers,

families and friends of ICDC who made these

50 years possible, and to everyone who will

contribute time and talents to its future success.


As many of you may know, the Isabella Child Development Center was originally the idea of the First Presbyterian Church 50 years ago, with a section of the church building being devoted to housing the school.  The school is still housed at the church on Watson Road, with the church congregation providing heat, water, utilities and many other kinds of support to the children and staff.  Several members of the congregation have served on the board of the school over the years.  Without their support our county would not have the opportunity to offer this early education program to our families.