The Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop

Better than a  Thrift "Store"


If you have donations you would like to share, we most appreciate the following:

* Gently used, clean clothes for babies,                 

   children, teens, men and women.

* Belts, jewelry and accessories.

* Bedding, artwork and decorations.

* Small, unbroken household items.

* Hard and soft cover books, unmarked

   and all pages intact.

* Toys, games with all pieces, clean dolls,                 and particularly clean stuffed animals.    

Consignment Contributions:

Items are priced by the volunteer staff.

* The consignee receives 50% of the final sale         price.

* Items unsold after 60 days become the                   property of the Thrift Shop.

* Income sales checks are sent out every two           months.

* The Thrift Shop reserves the right to refuse            any items and will not be responsible for

   their safe keeping.

* Consignments are limited to 30 items per